Wisdom tooth extraction


Wisdom Teeth Removal Perth

Wisdom teeth is the name given to the last or third molar in your mouth.

These teeth normally develop between the ages of 16 and 26 and will require removal because of a variety of reasons. After they grow in, the teeth can be too close to the back of the jaw and become impacted, that is when there is not enough room in the evolving jawbones to accommodate the wisdom teeth. This allows food particles to get stuck behind the tooth, out of the reach of a tooth brush or floss. This can lead to various problems including pain, infection, periodontal disease and cysts. For these reasons your dentist may advise you to remove your wisdom teeth

At Accent Dental Care we are very experienced in this procedure and can remove wisdom teeth under local anaesthesia, oral sedation, intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia. Daniel Abbondanza reserves lists at Mount Lawley Private Hospital, Hedland Health Campus and Colin Street Day Surgery performing on a regular basis. More simple extractions can be done in the dental surgery under local or intravenous sedation. We can accomodate patients quickly and efficiently, allowing patients to resume their normal life as quickly as possible

A follow-up appointment may be needed to check if they are healing correctly.

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