Crowns, Bridges, Implants

Crowns, Bridges, Implants

Our practice strives to help our patients to obtain strong, healthy teeth and gums and to get you back to work after your dental appointment as soon as possible.  We utilize state-of-the-art care to restore natural teeth and creating and placing natural-looking substitutes or prosthetic teeth.  Many of our patients choose to utilise our computer aided design (CAD and CAM) services in the planning of their ‘new teeth’.

Our staff provide the care you need ensuring your comfort in a friendly and professional way.  We attempt to exceed the expectations of every patient that entrusts their oral health to our team.

Accent Dental Care’s full range of crown, bridge and implant dentist services includes:

  • Implant rehabilitation
  • Crown and bridge work – including metal ceramic bridges, bonded bridges, all-ceramic bridges using zirconium
  • Repair of old fillings
  • Implant surgery
  • Implant crowns, bridges and dentures

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