Dentist Perth and dental services in Perth CBD

For the perfect bright white smile utilising the latest zoom teeth whitening technology.

An alternative to dentures, dental implants are a realistic looking artificial tooth.

A better looking alternative to braces, invisalign uses clear removable trays to straighte your teeth.

Put a smile in your life!

Life is too short not to smile. If you’re
ready to finally have the smile you’ve
always dreamed of, make an appointment
to meet with one of our dentists at our
dental clinic in the Perth CBD. To ensure
our dentists have the means, knowledge and
ability create your dream smile, they use
a combination of general, cosmetic and
orthodontic dental treatments.

Why Accent Dental?

At Accent Dental, we always put our patients
needs and wants first. Our dentists work
together with our patients to combine their
vision with modern technology, creating a
radiant smile this is both healthy, functioning
and aesthetic. Our Perth CBD dental clinic is
equipped with the latest technologies, ensuring
our dentists are able to deliver the highest level
of service and produce the high quality results.